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Get in Your Bag

If you are anything like me… you have many bags. I keep many options for my various looks. I also have a different bag for my different moods. In the spiritual sense, they embody your aura.

These different bags have a certain ambiance that I move in and out of. For example, my feminine bag has lite floral scents, my hair is neat, and my nails are freshly done. My sensual bag is a bit more striking. Although they can be similar, the inside of these bags are distinct.

Which bag have you been missing lately? Create the ambiance to match the bag you need right now. Pull out that bossy bag and let that energy flow.

Just remember that each bag is entitled to its own energy. Each bag has its own time to thrive. Give each bag its space to be put away when it’s necessary.

Obviously I am on the boardwalk. I wanted comfortable jeans to move and breathe on my walk. There’s no question that these are my favorite mom jeans. The top and shoes are thrifted. The shirt has a front tie and bishop sleeves. The shoes are easy to walk in as well. The coral top and denim gave me the aura I desired.

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