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If's and When's

I firmly believe that some things in our life are destined for us. There are some paths that you simply cannot avoid. Whether this is a positive or a negative, these occurrences are necessary in your journey. Specifically, the positives that are destined to happen are not things that are meant to be left to mindset of if. You must put some type of energy into the things that are waiting for you.

I always struggle with superficial responses that many people give during advice. Like dig deep, you must work on yourself, or some other cliché to life’s perspective. So, I am not going to blanket a response to the life we are destined to live. A lot of times, we use the analogy of if I am able, if I can, if God blesses me. I have come to realize that believing in destiny requires a faith that speaks to when... When I receive, when God sees that I am ready, when I am able. I would often teams use if to protect my mind from being letdown. However, I have realized that my life full of definite when’s. Every champion prepares to perform. Get ready for the win so that you can handle it once the opportunity presents itself. Next time you lose faith in something that you believe is inevitable in your life, change the if into a when. Look forward to the journey ahead and know it’s a matter of when.

The matching set is another one of my favorites from FashionNova. The parachute pants make you feel as though you are gliding. The hot pink purse is a TJ Maxx find by Steve Madden. Finally these pink metalic shoes are by Jessica Simpson- her shoes are so well made and extremely comfy.

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