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Keep Looking Up

I made myself a promise when I was a lad. That promise was ‘Chantney never look down for long’. I could be going through the worst of storm, but I refuse to look down. With rain or sun in your face, always look up. Life requires us to seek what’s ahead of us.

This same rule applies when looking into the lives of others. No one is on a pedestal to look down on anyone. We are all unique and possess our own strengths and shortcomings.

I try to avoid looking down because I am aware that there are always eyes on me. When you truly understand that perseverance is an essential trait to navigate life, looking down is a short look. Look down to make sure you are on stable ground. Understanding where we are gives you the confidence to continue to look up. After that, we are only going up.

The top, pants, and this fun fringe purse were all thrifted. The thrift is a great place to find carefree basics. The fringe H&M purse creates a unique element to simplicity. If you want to dramatize a look, add a piece that creates movement.

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