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May Sometimes Become Always

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

May you enter into your highest power. May your prayers be answered on time. May you prepare yourself for what is destined for you. May you never forfeit what you are deserving of. May your endurance overshadow procrastination. May your light and energy guide others to their promised land. May you give yourself more energy to allow you to be you. May you see your imperfections to strengthen your life movements and create a higher vibration of change.

Sometimes what we are searching for is right in front of us. Sometimes we take for granted all the greatness that we already possess. Sometimes we want more, but never realize all we need is enough. Sometimes we fail to realize that we are already enough. Sometimes we allow the world to define our worth. Sometimes we need to be reminded of how important our own existence is.

Always search for the positive in each lesson. Always allow yourself grace and compassion. Always see the beauty in you. Always be true to yourself. Always let go of anguish. Always choose to love yourself first. Always remember that you have to fully love yourself to understand true love.

I don't know if its because it's Spring or what, but this color combination is heavy in my wardrobe right now. I found this top on Amazon. It can be paired with nearly anything. The Steve Madden purse has three peices to it. I found it at Ross. The pink Anne Klein slide in heels were a quick snag from Burlington.

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