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Moments of Simplicity -This Moment Only Lasts Once

Do you often feel like your days are packed with adulting and 100 million things to do? Not to mention the constant voice of the subconscious mind. I try my best to take in at least one moment to myself, no matter how stressed, overworked, happy or joyful I feel. This does not have to be a huge gesture of observation, but it does need to be a moment of complete mindfulness.

Enjoy the simple essence of life by looking at the sky to see airplanes fly in the clouds or observing something in nature for a few moments. It can be as simple as listening to the laughter of a child, gazing into the eyes of a loved one, or even holding your own hand. Taking in moments that connect you with your present moment in life.

We are worthy of the total mind, body, and spirit connection. Our lives are not only made-up tremendous accomplishments, but how well we are connected to ourselves. Every moment the universe gives us is a gift. These simple things are worthy of your attention.

Have a seat, feel the breeze, allow your senses to absorb the moment... even the most simple and genuine moments will never be identical.

I love jumpsuits because they make the best lazy outfits. They give a little sexiness while being comfortable at the same time. My good ole' faithful Brahmin was gifted. My loved ones know I love clothes. I probably spent around $45 on this look.

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