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Owning Yourself

Sometimes the journey of owning you is a matter of who you intend to become. Sometimes we hold ourselves captive to the ideas of who we have always been or what is expected of us. Owning yourself is not a journey of who you used to be. This is a journey of deciding the type of person you desire to be.

It has been an amazing journey for me despite its challenges. Prioritizing myself has been essential in this process. I’d rather be satisfied with how I treat myself than how I can be of service to everyone else. Dedicating a life of pleasing everyone creates a rich life for others and a desolate life for you. This is not to say that the expectations of others are not healthy. However, it is to say that owning yourself is first and foremost in your ‘becoming’.

May you make sound decisions in establishing the person you are meant to become. Appreciate who you have been and embrace the changes that are vital to the inevitable growth of self. Regardless of what once was, you have the power to define who you desire to be now.

Prepare yourself accordingly. Be honest with yourself. Own your areas of improvement and live in your areas of importance.

This top is actually a bodycon dress I found at a boutique in New Jersey for only $10 on a recent trip. These Forever21 90's fit stone washed jeans are so very versitle. This look proves that you can be fully dressed and still create a sensual vibe with your look.

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