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Refuse to Concede

Updated: May 3, 2023

There are a handful of things in my life that require full tenacity. I refuse to give up or give into anything that does not support the mission of my life. I focus on the outcome that I aim to achieve. When you value what you fight for, what you fight against is powerless.

I have learned that sometimes you are only a few steps away from your promised land. Why concede before you set foot in your territory? Why hand your treasures to a thief who doesn’t even recognize the value of your possessions? Never underestimate your own wisdom. Your wisdom is linked to your vision and purpose. Allow it to be a guide of protection, security, and power.

What do you refuse to concede in? Meditate on the people, places, and things that mean the most to your life. Refuse to put limits on your potential and expansion.

The energy you put into yourself creates space for you in the universe. You create shifts that allow you to fit into the spaces you are called to occupy. Imagine where you would be or would have given up if you decided to quit.

Thank you for not conceding.

These boot leggings are such a fun find. I searched for a crop top to show that they are both boots and pants in one. A tip when wearing these all-in-one boots and leggings are to wear hosiery underneath. Burlington is the holy grail of finding exactly what I am looking for. The top and Steve Madden iridescent purse were found at Burlington.

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