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Replication Impossible

A phenomenon happens when you realize the unique magic of your own touch. I often hear people say things like, ‘I want to do a thing, but everyone is doing that thing’. Although it can be true that many people may be working on the same thing as you. No one can do that thing the way that you do it.

My sister and I bought the same dress and decided to wear it together. It made me realize the importance of individuality. Think about a song. Two singers can sing the exact same song, with the same melody and the exact background chords. Yet they both deliver a distinctively different experience.

Your ideas and achievements hold weight simply because of you. Your life events are encompassed in everything that you accomplish. You are the creator of the ambiance regardless of whether you create a positive or negative atmosphere.

Never underestimate the power of oneself. Your existence is one of one. The experiences you create are remarkable.

Create and recreate without limitations.

I bought this dress 2 years ago from FashionNova. I found my classic Michael Kors zipup plaftorm sandals from Gabes. They are so very comfortable. My basic baby clue mini purse never disappoints with it's geometric print lining.

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