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Ruminate to Reflect

Rumination is the focus of replaying distress. It distracts your mind by focusing on what was or what has been. Although an unintentional act, we replay scenes of our lives that trigger negative emotions. We may ruminate and search for ways of how we could have done different things for better results.

It’s totally normal to reflect on our lives, but ruminating holds our minds captive to what is no longer relevant in our lives. Ruminating can hold you hostage to the past. Reflecting can release us from conflict while allowing us to move on gracefully. Reflecting on how far we have come helps us create appreciation of our own journey.

Despite what your mind chooses to ruminate on, you have made tremendous progress to be where you are now.

We can’t stare in the mirror forever thinking about how to fix a problem. We must reflect, move on and execute change. You deserve to experience the amazing wonders of life. Your reflection reveals a resilient, persistent, and faithful person.

Your existence not only represents you, but the journey of those who you are connected to. As we move on, let's treat ourselves and others with grace. Stay strong knowing that your reflection tells an amazing story that is still being created.

I found these Guess shoes at my beloved Ross, where I also found the top. The goth-style trousers are from FashionNova. I wanted to add a contrast from the black and white. The blue wallet did a perfect job.

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