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The Balance of Dualities

We are fresh off Resurrection Sunday, and I must say that my Easter was amazing.

One constant thought that comes to my mind about Easter is love. The love of God, family, and self. The idea that love also encompasses discomfort may be hard to grasp. The truth of the matter is that true unconditional love involves sacrifice. Love is not this mythical idea that things are always amazing and romantic.

Unconditional love is bountiful and forgiving. It extends through time, and it always stays the same. It goes through flood or fire and remains intact. Its power cannot be overtaken. Unconditional love will make you take the extra mile, it will give you empathy for those you love, it protects and accepts.

The process of honey is a full cycle of timeliness, work, and protection. Unconditional love is very similar. Its value is so important to our total existence. The duality of love requires balance. Accepting God’s love is monumental in knowing how to love and what to accept. This type of love is full and freeing.

May you produce and provide unconditional love to those who you are ordained to love.

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