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The Beauty of Blocking

I love a good pair of shades that are effective in blocking out the sun, while still allowing me to see things clear. The worst ones are those that block the sun, but also block your vision. Blocking energy in our lives works the same way. Some blocks are necessary so that we can move steady without distraction.

These blocks provide safety and provides ease in direction. While others can stop us from gathering information that we need for our decision making, growth, and endurance. Blocking your blessings is a real thing, especially if our current mentality does not allow us the opportunity for growth and honesty. Some may even block you to simply prevent you from identifying the existence of truth.

Creating boundaries are so important in balancing this whole ‘adulting’ situation. Blocking can either be a positive or a negative. You have to use your own discernment in your decisions to block your thoughts, unhealthy mindsets, people, and even memories. Manage your triggers and try to remove things that aren’t necessary. Do not block yourself from enjoying the things and people that essentially unlock your treasures.

I love throwing on a jacket and a black heel to any look. Texture always creates an appealing visual experience. I could not fit these pants a year ago, but leg day has done me right. I bought this matching set 2 winters ago. I couldn't wait for another life time to wear it. Life is not promised. I'm wearing it now.

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