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The Routine of Unchange

I really am in awe of how time fast moves and how things change, while some of what we experience remains unchanged. Summer is in full swing and once again comes to remind us how time is ever revolving.

There is something magical in natural movement and progression. However, I am literally perplexed in certain situations in our lives that undergo minimal change. Have you ever felt like there are certain situations that are on a standstill in your life? Have you ever felt like, I shouldn’t be in this space, I need more, but why are these things still not progressing in the direction I think they should?

It is true that there is comfort in the changeless. There is also something unsettling about complacency. We can get caught up in the matrix of a routine that doesn’t benefit us. That saying that ‘if you want something you never had, you must do something you haven’t done’, comes to mind. Then there’s the other instance when you have tried a few techniques and have not yet reached the peak of the mountain. Remember that sometimes we are closer than we think. Often there are revelations and epiphanies along the way that speak to us directly. We can use those for clarity when doubt and fatigue come to play.

Temporary things are not stronger than permanence. No matter what situation and where you find yourself, most of our experiences are attached to our own decisions. Try not to limit yourself and thoughts, try not to settle for things that don’t suit you. Change is inevitable and you have the ability to control your own changes. So, let’s decide that we are above our limitations and deserving of our heart’s desires. Be willing to create action with our hopes.

This denim mini skirt is a fun thrifty find. It is so stretchy and literally wear it year-round. The metallic blue strappy heels are from DSW by JLO. I found the top at Gabe's which would also be great paired with wide legged denim jeans.

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