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The Secret of Numbers

We often have this idea that we need more. Our society teaches ‘the more you have, the better’ mentality. I have experienced that more does not equate to better. Better is better all by itself. It’s worth cannot be measured by a quantitative outcome. Quality will always outshine quantity.

You could be in a room with one hundred people and make small talk with a few. You could be in a room with three people and have the greatest epiphany of your life. A million associates cannot take the place of true friendship.

You don’t always need more, sometimes you simply need enough. The quality of enough brings peace and comfort. Managing a few solid things is greater than handling a slew of instability.

In 4-20 fashion, let’s meditate on the quality of what we have over quantity. Let’s focus on how enough transforms into abundance when we maximize what we already possess.

These psychedelic pants are from Fashion Nova. I thrifted this New York and Company shirt and Steve Madden purse. Jessica Simpson makes the most comfortable shoes. I bought them from Macy’s many moons ago. I enjoy mixing trendy with classic closet pieces.

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