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Stand the Rain

I recently took a trip to San Antonio where one of the locals expressed to me that they were happy for rain. Analyze the parables as we roll into this...

“We are happy to get this rain”, a fair white-haired woman told me with her petite frame adorned in a plastic poncho. “We have been in a drought for 2 years…”

Although the atmosphere was a bit gloomy, the rain was necessary. A drought doesn’t mean that it doesn’t rain at all. It actually means a prolonged absence of something necessary. In the absence of necessity, a little of something amplifies its significance. Its value is elevated because its existence is scarce.

While some of us complain about the gloom of this type of weather, I realized how much of a godsend it was. This interaction in plastic ponchos made me think about how we sometimes complain about the things we need. Taking for granted that sometimes the annoyance overshadows appreciation. Which in turn is a distraction to the grace we are given.

The storm may be a protection, it may be a sign to stay still and be quiet. The rain may have come to create a new breath of life. The gloom may signify the end of a season. A new thing must come after the rain pours. When the sun comes back to shine on your face remember the relief came because of the rain.

Water is more powerful than fire. Allow the rain to put out the drought and appreciate the water. Rain is and will always be a main constituent to our existence. It may not be glamourous, but it is surely remarkable.

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