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The Untucking

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Have you ever tucked yourself in so tight, that you had to struggle a bit to set yourself free? Welp that is surely what happened to me. Here's the thing... tucking is safety, it’s comforting, it’s neat. Tucking is a thing we do to hide imperfections.

The issue with tucking is this... to really live, your life requires you to untuck your bed, untuck your clothes, and untuck yourself. We cannot fully live in spaces that are tight and confined. There's nothing that says my day is over like a man or woman who has worked all day and finally untucks their uniform to indicate 'my work here is done'. Nothing can stay tucked forever. I decided 2023 was my untucking season.

Untuck it when you’re ready babes. Grace the world with those precious gifts you have. No frills, simply you are evolving and becoming.

So fitting that the shirt is tucked... right! I was feeling like I wanted a simplified look to capture my natural self with little distractions. The most intense thing for this look is the jewelry. Sometimes less is more, we are not hiding, we are open to the flow of simplicity.

You know I thrift so, I found a this black button down at the thrift for a whopping $2.95, jeans are a Burlington find from Kendall+Kylie, shoes are a Ross find by my favorite shoe boo, Jessica Simpson. The purse was gifted.

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